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Scant few women reach the top of corporate Canada

An analysis of Canada’s top 60 companies shows that not one of them was headed by a woman and two-thirds of them did not even include one woman among the top earners. There has been pressure on corporations to improve »

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Study finds suicide barrier worked

Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have found that a barrier installed to prevent suicide on a Toronto bridge worked over the long term. The Bloor Street Viaduct was the second most-often bridge used for suicide after the Golden Gate »

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Top court to decide on beer barrier between provinces

While Canada is trying to negotiate free trade agreements with other countries, a case about a lack of free trade between provinces will be heard by the Supreme Court. A decision made by the Supreme Court 96 years ago is »

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Barriers between provinces tested by beer buyer

A Canadian man has gone to court to argue he has a constitutional right to buy beer in another province and bring it home. The case highlights the extensive barriers between Canadian provinces that sometimes make it easier to trade »