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The NHL, MLB and MLS among latest to suspend seasons due to coronavirus

The National Hockey League announced Thursday that it is pausing the 2019-2020 season due to the health concerns of the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus outbreak. “The NHL has been attempting to follow the mandates of health experts and local »

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Report: Montreal baseball stadiums needs another public consultation

Baseball fans in Montreal got some disappointing news this morning.  The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) released a report Monday morning that said the construction of a baseball stadium near Peel Basin would need its own public consultations. »

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Black History Month: Canada’s star Hall of Fame major league pitcher

The first Canadian in the baseball hall of fame Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins came from a baseball background. His father played with the Chatham Coloured All-Stars which helped break colour barriers in Ontario in the 1930’s. Further back and through his »

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Black history month: Against the tide-Chatham Coloured All-Stars; champions!

The year was 1934 and discrimination was still quite common throughout society, including sports. That year however, in spite of all kinds of obstacles, the black players of the Chatham Coloured All Stars broke through the barriers to become Ontario »

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The LINK Online, Jan 24.25.26, 2020

Your hosts, Levon, Terry, and Marc (video of show at bottom) According to Stephen Cornish who leads one of Canada’s most recognized environmental and conservation NGO’s, the root cause of many of the world’s conflicts and migrations can be traced »

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BHM- Breaking a colour barrier in sports

The year was 1934 in the central province of Ontario, and the sport was baseball. Baseball was the huge major summer sport in North America and stadiums were always filled. Long before Jackie Robinson would break the colour barrier in »

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Major League Baseball in Ontario Court today

Alleged racist sports team names, logos challenged Lawyers from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Cleveland Indians team will plead their case in Ontario Divisional Court today over the team name and mascot/logo. In 2016, the Cleveland Indians baseball team »

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Canadian court OK’s use of “Indian” by baseball team

Cleveland Indians can use name and ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo during ALCS games in Toronto, judge rules The Toronto Blue Jays, and Cleveland Indians are currently battling it out for the title of American League East Baseball champions. World renowned Canadian architect, »

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History: April 18, 1946 Canada breaks the baseball colour barrier

70-years ago today, the colour barrier in professional basebal was broken in North America, through a Canadian team. Baseball was and is, one of America’s favourite games. It was also extremely white. There was a “negro” league, but for the »

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The LINK Online Sat Oct 10, 2015

Your hosts this week, Lynn Terry Haig, and Marc Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking about the TPP deal.”Ten years from now, I predict with 100 per cent certainty people are looking back, they will say if we’ve got in it, »