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Canadian military helps fight Daesh in remaining stronghold

It is believed there are up to 2,000 Daesh (ISIS)  holed up in the northern Iraqi city Hawija,one of their last strongholds which they have held since 2014. A battle for the city of about 150,000 in northern Iraq has »


Former foes mark Passchendaele on centenary of bloody WWI battle

Representatives of the British and Belgian royal families, Germany’s foreign minister and descendants of some of those who died in one of the First World War’s bloodiest battles gathered Monday in western Belgium to mark the centenary of the Third Battle of Ypres, »

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Canada History: June 2-Canada Remembers her war dead

June 2, Canada’s national day of remembrance. But wait, that’s held on November 11th every year and coincides with the signing of the Armistice in 1918 which ended the horrific slaughter of the First World War. Well, t’wasn’t always so »

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Update: Hill 70 – Outstanding Canadian victory, forgotten no longer

In just a few short days, on April 9, a massive crowd will gather at the spectacular Canadian Vimy memorial in France for the 100th anniversary of that incredible victory which marked a turning point for the Allies in that »

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(book) Capturing Hill 70-Major First World War victory forgotten.

In 1917, a normally unimpressive bump in the landscape in northern France near the then coal mining centre of Lens was known to the Allies as Hill 70. It became however a vicious battle for the Canadian troops assigned to »

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A major WWI battle: decades forgotten, but no longer

It was the middle of summer 1917 and for the first time a Canadian was entirely in charge of Canadian troops in the First World War. A few months earlier, Canadian Gen. Arthur Currie, had been the successful planner of »

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History Canada; War of 1812-Battle of Beaver Dams June 22- 24

It is the stuff of legend, In wartime, a woman walks 30 kilometres through woods in darkness, risking encounter by enemy patrols in order to warn of an impending attack. That warning saves the day for the defenders. It was »

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History: Dec.08, 1941- Infamy, and the Battle of Hong Kong

One of the most recognized phrases in history is that of U.S. President Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941 in response to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour. Japan had not issued a declaration of war prior to the surprise attack »

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Update: The search for lost WWI soldiers

Last year, historian, author, and documentary filmmaker Norm Christie said a long and painstaking research effort had led him to what he believes is the unmarked grave of some 44 Canadian soldiers. Since then several people have asked for an »


April 09, Battle for Vimy Ridge survey shows importance to Canadians.

It is often cited as Canada’s “coming of age”. On the eve of one of the most important battles in Canadian history, a new poll shows that most Canadians agree with that assessment. In the early hours of a cold »