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Discovery of BC’s first unique dinosaur species

This is not the first time dinosaurs have been found in British Columbia, but none of them have been unique to the province… until now. A mysterious claw discovered by a geologist in a rock along a railway line in» 


B.C. teenager helps solve almost 30-year-old cold case

A 13-year-old teenager helped uncover a 27-year-old unsolved case after finding a car sunk in the depths of Griffin Lake in Revelstoke, British Columbia. On a sunny August day, Max Werenka was on the lake where his family runs a» 

Environment, Health

Smoke from wildfires: health concerns, cancellations

As the many wildfires continue to ravage forests in west coast British Columbia, new health concerns are being raised about smoke pollution. In addition, several airports in the province had to cancel flights as the thick smoke made it too» 

Health, Society

Health authority warns of Halloween overdose risk

With many Halloween parties coming up this weekend, a western health authority is warning people to take precautions if they plan to take drugs. If they won’t consume themselves, people are advised to look out for friends and family who» 

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Canada’s universal health care system in court and at risk

A legal challenge to public health care could put Canada’s entire system at risk. The case in the provincial Supreme Court in the Pacific province of British Columbia will begin next week. The case is seen as a potential precendent-setting» 

International, Society

Continuing bizarre: story of “Amaruk Wilderness”- religious discrimination: Update

It is truly a bizarre story, and it continues to be bizarre. This week the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal awarded a claim to a woman who had filed a complaint against a company for religious discrimination. In 2014, Bethany» 

Environment, International

Bears awake early from hibernation

It seems bears around the world in northern climes are awakening from their winter hibernation as much as a month earlier than normal. The Montreal Ecomuseum reports that its two black bears emerged from hibernation yesterday and wandered around in» 

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Oscar wins for the Revenant, (and for Alberta)

When the film the Revenant won Oscars for  Leonardo DiCaprio as best actor, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for best director, and Emmanuel Lubezki for cinematography, hundreds of others in Alberta felt like they had won too. They were crew members and extras» 

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Farm weddings- When “I do” becomes, sorry you can’t.

It’s become a not-uncommon occurrence now for couples to take their vows and hold receptions in rustic farm locations.  This is not just in Canada, but in many countries. As such, it has become an important additional source of income» 


Some new and unique roadsigns in Canada

With files from CBC Outside the town of Castlegar British Columbia, there are a couple of unique road signs. Seems like whatever reason the chickens cross the road  in the age old joke, seems like the turkeys are doing the»