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Clean up your backyard as Yukon authorities warn against bear intrusions

As winter approaches, animals are preparing for it. This is the case for bears in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada. The problem is that they tend to go into people’s backyards to find food, such as berries in bushes, »

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Bear loose in the centre of Canada’s capital

Rare bear visit It may be Canada’s national capital, a large urban city, but every once in awhile Canadians are reminded that the wilderness is not far away. This morning about 3 AM, reports came of a sighting of a »


Spear hunting banned after bear kill

The western province of Alberta is banning spear hunting after a public outcry when a hunter from the United States killed a bear with a spear in 2016. The government announcement states that its changes to hunting rules “will discourage »

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Bear fossils from high Arctic show cavities

The remains of a 3.5 million-year-old bear have been found over 1,000 km north of the Arctic Circle and it appears the animal had a sweet tooth. It looks like the bear migrated from Eurasia by the land bridge over »

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Killing of bear cub was illegal, allege activists

A wildlife advocacy group has taken the government court for the killing an apparently orphaned bear cub in British Columbia. Tiana Jackson found the animal by the side of the road near Dawson Creek in May 2016. She called the »

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B.C. Grizzly trophy hunt to end

The lush forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and  sea-coast of the large west coast province of British Columbia is a great place for grizzly bears. It’s also been a great place for hunters seeking a big trophy. The hunting season opened »

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Microchips ensure fair, legal polar bear hunting

As part of a Canadian pilot project, microchips are being inserted into polar bear hides in a bid to stop the illegal trafficking of the animal, reports the public broadcaster, CBC. The aim is also to protect Canada’s reputation as »

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Government condemns spear killing of bear

The government of the western province of Alberta is planning a new law to ban spear hunting after a video posted in June showed a man spearing a bear. The video shows U.S. hunter, Josh Bowmar throwing a two-metre spear »

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Guide sees record-long polar bear dive

A guide in Norway’s Svalbard Islands saw an emaciated polar bear stay underwater for a very long time to stalk a bearded seal. Rinie van Meurs knew it was highly unusual and sent two videos of the event to Canadian »

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Aggressive bears prompt warnings, force closures near Banff

While one woman fell victim to the wrath of an angry bird in Ontario, Parks Canada is warning residents and visitors in and around Banff, Alberta, about possible attacks from much more imposing and dangerous creatures: bears. Snow is still »