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Watch out for the bears while viewing salmon, warns city

The western city of Coquitlam encourages people to go out and watch the salmon run but it  warns people to stay away from the bears. Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, is nestled in wilderness and bears don’t respect city limits. »

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Canadian polar bear researcher given lifetime award.

Ian Stirling (PhD) began studying polar bears in the 1970’s and is now recognized as a world wide authority. Working with then grad-student Andrew Derocher, now also recognized as a worldwide polar bear expert, in the 1990’s they were the »


Bathroom bears returned to the wild

Many Canadians like to visit the scenic Banff National Park in the western province of Alberta, and while they may see black bears on trails or by the side of the road, it was highly unusual for a motorist to »

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Why are bears being killed on railway tracks?

It took five years, and $1-million dollars to find out why trains are killing grizzly bears in Banff and Yoho National Parks in Alberta and British Columbia in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. The answer seems to be, well, »

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Grizzly bear holiday is over, residents relieved

Two young grizzly bears have been caught on a remote island in the western province of British Columbia. Grizzlies are not native to Cormorant Island between Vancouver Island in the Pacific Ocean and the mainland. The bears, believed to be »

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Grizzly bears in backyard had ‘no fear’: video

A western Canadian was still on edge three days after three grizzly bears visited his backyard on September 8th and refused to leave, reports the public broadcaster, CBC. The incident happened near Pincher Creek, a town which is about 200 »

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Human laziness leading to high death toll of bears

In Revelstoke, B.C., nine bears killed over garbage this week alone A conservation officer in British Columbia spoke out in anger this week over the need to kill “habituated” bears These are bears that have become used to entering residential »

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Beware waking bears, warn city officials

It’s spring in Canada and bears which hibernate during the long winter months are waking up and coming out of their dens. They are usually pretty hungry upon waking and that means it’s time to take special precautions in places »

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Bears awake early from hibernation

It seems bears around the world in northern climes are awakening from their winter hibernation as much as a month earlier than normal. The Montreal Ecomuseum reports that its two black bears emerged from hibernation yesterday and wandered around in »


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Your hosts, Lynn, Levon, Marc Khadye Beye This week a special appearance from Khadye Beye, who is our web editor. She is putting together a website specifically geared to black history month, celebrated every February in Canada, the US, and »