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Canada history: Aug 16, 1947, first flight of the Beaver

It was perhaps not a particularly remarkable event that day, but one that has had huge repercussions world-wide since. On August 16, 1947,  a brand new type of plane took off from the DeHavilland factory and airstrip at Downsview, just »


Beaver bounty: Invasive species within Canada?

The industrious beaver, the iconic national symbol of Canada. It was the search for beaver pelts that opened up Canada by explorers seeking primarily new areas and sources for the fur to supply a demanding world market, and which in »

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Quietly celebrating a legend: DHC-2 Beaver

It was 70 years ago this month that an aircraft that has been a major factor in developing and servicing Canada’s north was first flown. In August 1947, the De Havilland Canada aircraft company designated it’s newest model “the Beaver”, »

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Climate change: beavers on the move north

Scientists have been noticing this for a few years now, as have residents in Canada’s far north and Arctic: global warming is changing things. A variety of plants , animals , and marine creatures have been moving north into Arctic »

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BHM- The black settlers of Alberta

It is little known fact even within Canada that there was a small but vibrant group of black settlers in the western prairie province of Alberta. They weren’t really part of the well-known “Underground Railroad” but nonetheless were leaving behind »

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Frances Backhouse: Non-Fiction: “Once they were hats- in search of the mighty beaver”

Mighty, could seem like an odd word to describe the beaver, an odd, mostly nocturnal distant member of the rodent family.  However, words like fascinating, amazing, intriguing, would surely fit. Beavers earn their keystone species credentials by creating vital habitat »

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Canadians: clichés and historical knowledge

A number of surveys of Canadians in recent months has some surprising and not so surprising results. It seems some Canadian clichés are valid but on the other hand, yet again that Canadians generally have a slim grasp of their own »

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History: March 24,1975- The Beaver, Canada’s “National (animal) Symbol”

Quite a few countries for centuries have had ferocious animals as their national symbols, lions, or tigers, or bears, or eagles for example On this date only a few decades ago in 1975, a private member’s bill, which had been »

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Beavers mitigate environmental extremes

The beaver is Canada’s national symbol and a survivor of the last ice-age. It once ranged all across Canada from east to west coast, up to the arctic, and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. Massive hunting of »