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Alcohol and austerity: Ontario government takes action

Canada’s most populous province, is also one of the most indebted political jurisdictions in the world. After years of Liberal government, citizens opted for change with the Progressive Conservative party headed by former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford. He had» 

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Old bread to new beer-reducing waste for a good cause

A charity organisation and a brewery in Alberta are the latest to get into a recent form of “recycling”. The Calgary-based Leftovers Foundation gets donations of food and also of day-old bread from local bakeries which they provide to their» 

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Major Canadian brewer: cannabis beer coming.

Now that recreational use of marijuana is legal in Canada, companies are eager to tap into what is expected to be a multi billion dollar market. So it’s perhaps no surprise then that one of Canada’s largest brewers has announced» 


Microplastics: everywhere now, even probably in you.

In recent years the issue of plastic pollution and microplastics has become widely known. There is the well-known Pacific gyre, a vast area of plastic waste, and microplastics have even been found in almost every ocean and lake around the» 

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Ontario: Buck A Beer in effect

Cheaper beer arrives in Canada’s most populous province It’s here, cheaper beer!  It was a campaign promise during the recent provincial election in Ontario, and now the recently elected Premier Doug Ford has made it a reality. Alcohol sales and» 

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Study: No alcohol level is “safe”

Global study on alcohol consumption Bad news for beer lovers, wine lovers, and those who like a wee dram of whisky and other spirits, even moderation is apparently not ok. The study was published today in the British medical journal» 

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The politics of alcohol

Canadian survey of political preference and preferred drink Here’s a burning summer question: are your political preferences reflected in your alcoholic beverage of choice? Recently the Angus Reid Institute posed that question and surveyed Canadians on the subject. While there» 


Beer can shortage hurts small breweries

Some Canadian craft brewers say they are having difficulty getting aluminum cans and that prices are going up. They think the shortage may have to do with tariffs imposed by the U.S. on Canadian aluminum and Canada imposing tariffs in» 


Beer standards will soon change

Canadians’ favourite alcoholic beverage is under strict regulation, but because the beer industry has changed so much, the rules will be updated for the first time in 30 years. A 2015 report by the chief public health officer shows that» 

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Cannabis inspired beer in Manitoba

With the prospect of recreational use of marijuana becoming legal, companies are eagerly seeking new opportunities in a basically brand new market, and one potentially worth billions of dollars Now two companies in the western prairie province of Manitoba have»