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The LINK Online, May 3, 4, 5, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude and Marc (video of show at bottom) Could this beluga be a trained spy? It’s a mystery. Norwegian fishermen discovered an unusually friendly lone beluga while out fishing. Beluga are relatively rare in the area, »

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Icelandic whale sanctuary can’t offer safe haven to ‘spy’ beluga

A whale sanctuary in Iceland will not be able to provide safe haven to a lonely beluga whale freed last week from a mysterious harness by Norwegian fishermen and fisheries officials in the waters off Norway’s northernmost coastline, says the »


Whale sanctuary location sought in eastern Canada

A U.S. animal protection group is touring the eastern province of Nova Scotia looking for a community that would agree to host a netted, offshore sanctuary for beluga whales. The Whale Sanctuary Project is holding a series of public meetings »

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A whale of a tale: Lost Narwhal finds new “diverse” friends

(public commenting open on all RCI stories at bottom. Comments will be posted after approval) The narwhal, an iconic Arctic species, is almost never spotted in the south. Somehow one narwhal, thought to be a young male, became lost, really »


Beluga tour operators protest new government regulations

Tour operators in the northern town of Churchill, Manitoba say new government rules to protect whales could put them out of business. Regulations were announced in June 2018 obliging vessels to keep a distance from whales, porpoises and dolphins. The »

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Beluga whale genome sequenced in Canada

Beluga whales Qila and Aurora fell ill and died at the Vancouver Aquarium in November 2016 but their DNA will contribute to efforts to preserve this species at risk. Researchers say they have collected enough DNA samples from the mother »

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Young beluga whale dies suddenly at Marineland

A marine park in the province of Ontario has announced that a young beluga whale died suddenly from a twisted bowel. Gia was born at Marineland but sometime after her birth her mother stopped nursing her. A dedicated marine mammal »

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Less ice means killer whales moving into new northern areas

It has usually been a very rare occasion to spot killer whales in the Arctic. With their high dorsal fins, they traditionally kept away from the northern regions. With climate change and sea ice in the Arctic and Hudson bay »

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The belugas of St Lawrence: serious decline

This week the federal government officially recognized the continuing decline in numbers of the white whales  of the St Lawrence estuary by changing their status. Previously labelled as “threatened” the beluga are now listed in the more worrisome category of »

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Tagging endangered belugas to find winter habitat

A non-profit group is tagging beluga whales in the St. Lawrence River to try to find out where they spend the winter and further the goal of preventing their decline. Two of the small white whales have been tagged so far »