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Environment & Animal Life

World is losing wetlands, critical benefits, say conservationists

The world has lost 64 per cent of its wetlands and the benefits they provide, says Dan Kraus, a senior biologist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, a national land conservation non-profit. A Government of Canada website on wetlands says: »

Health, Society

Opioids offer little benefit for most chronic pain: study

A Canadian review of 96 clinical trials suggests that few people suffering from non-cancer pain for longer than three months would derive much benefit from taking opioids like Percocet or Oxycet. Compared to people using a placebo, those who take »


‘Want to poop better?’: latest slogan to boost physical activity

The national non-profit, ParticipACTION has campaigned for years to try to get Canadians to be more physically active and the latest, attention-grabbing effort focuses on benefits such as better bowel function. Vast majority of Canadians not active enough In a »

Economy, Society

Fireworks competition generates huge benefits, say organizers

Billing it as the largest pyrotechnics competition of its kind in the world, organizers of Montreal’s International Fireworks Competition say it generated an estimated $37 million in revenue for Montreal in 2016. It is also said to have contributed to »


Police in school programme: study shows many benefits

The programme is called the School Resource Officer (SRO). Shortly after a student was shot and killed at a Toronto school in 2008 the idea to place armed officers in schools was created in Toronto One of the biggest school »

Economy, Highlights, Society

Top CEO’s make more in hours than you all year

New statistics show that there are many business executives in Canada who-in this first few days of the new year, have already earned far more than most Canadians do in the whole year. In fact, by lunch time on Monday, »

Economy, Society

Labour decries law that could erode pension benefits

The Canadian government is considering a new law that would allow changes to the pension plans of people working for federally regulated companies such as Crown corporations, banks and those in the communications sector. The labour movement sees this as »

Politics, Society

Public consultations begin to extend parental leave

The Canadian government is asking for input online on expanding the benefit payments that parents get when a baby is born. Currently, parental leave may replace part of a parent’s salary for 12 months. During the election campaign in 2015, »

Politics, Society

NDP promises to expand pensions if elected

If elected, the New Democratic Party (NDP) promises to convene a meeting with the leaders of all the provinces to plan an expansion of the Canada and Quebec pension plans.  Canada’s population is aging rapidly and pension is an issue »

Highlights, Society

Standing for success at school

An elementary school in the prairie province of Saskatchewan is involved in an interesting learning experiment. There are no chairs in the classroom for young students in Grade 1 at Delisle Elementary in the town about 43 kilometres southwest of »