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‘Smart City’ project for Toronto is abandoned

Smart city or surveillance city? It was to be a ‘city of the future’,- or at least a community of the future within the city of Toronto, but the question was always, ‘what kind of future’? While some saw it »

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Chinese facial recognition coming to a few Canadian stores

An advance for consumers, or towards Orwellian future? A chain of supermarkets frequented by the Chinese communities in southern Ontario and southern British Columbia may soon install facial recognition technology. The owner of the Foody Mart chain, Wei Chengyi, is »

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Big Brother or better security? Testing AI weapons detection in public

You’ll either think this is just another step towards Big Brother surveillance, or a good idea for safety. Toronto’s Pearson International airport is Canada’s largest airport complex which saw more than 49 million visitors last year. The airport authority has »

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Is your boss becoming “Big Brother”?

Humanize..or dehumanizing? Ever since the industrial age, business owners have been trying to increase efficiency.  Usually this was on the manufacturing floor, but now thanks to technology, it’s not only one the factory floor, where many jobs are simply being »

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Autonomous vehicles- many questions to answer first.

These new self-driving vehicles are being touted as wonderful new technology. They’ll be safer, more efficient and provide a host of services.  But they also provide new challenges for cities. AnnaLisa Meyboom (PEng MRAIC)  is an assistant professor in the »