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Judge orders Ottawa to pay $20 million for solitary confinement misuse

There’s been another court ruling in favour of prisoners placed in solitary confinement in Canadian prisons. An Ontario judge Thursday ordered the federal government to pay $20 million for placing mentally ill inmates in what is officially termed administrative segregation. »

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Lawyers continue to battle to seek a better life for imprisoned First Nations man

Joey Toutsaint is 32 now. He’s from the Black Lake Denssuline First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan, but he’s a million miles from his youth right now. Toutsaint is currently in an observation cell at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert, »

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Liberals introduce bill to change prison solitary confinement rules

The Canadian government has taken the first step to eliminating solitary confinement in federal prisons. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced legislation Tuesday that would–among other things–overhaul how inmates are separated from the general prison population. Under the proposed plan, »