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Your “personal space”, fruit flies, and dopamine

It seems that may be a strange combination, but a recent study has shown there is a connection among the three. Using fruit flies the study showed dopamine is connected to the concept of setting a comfort zone of space »

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The study of marine dead zones

The inland sea of Cape Breton Island has an interesting if not unique feature. Scientists are studying an ocean “pit” feature to learn more about marine dead zones. Bruce Hatcher (PhD) is a member of the team studying the composition »

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Revolutionary finding may rewrite thousands of research studies, science textbooks.

It seems so obvious, yet somehow, it hasn’t been. Anyone performing almost any kind of experiment knows that if you alter a variable just a tiny bit, you can, and likely will, alter the outcome. This is true whether mixing »

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Predators, prey, and the mathematics of nature

Science has long presumed, and taught, that when the numbers of prey increase, the number of predators increase in a linear relationship. New research says that’s not actually the case at all, that a doubling of prey does not result »

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Canadian research advances fight against deadly fungal infections

Newly developed Canadian research could soon help physicians combat dangerous fungal infections.  It also can identify the likely path of resistance mutations a fungus will develop in response to a drug and so aid in development of new drugs to »