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How did dinosaurs learn to fly? It could be for sex

A recent study suggests that feathers evolved not for flight, but at first were hair-like structures developed as insulation for warmth, somewhat akin to fur. It was later that they then grew into larger and more complex features for sexual display» 

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Are loons another species under threat?

The haunting call of the common loon is an iconic wilderness and cottage sound in a Canadian summer. With the arrival of spring, people can expect the return of loons from the south. But will there be fewer? There are» 

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Canadian oil company fined (again) for migratory bird deaths

The Syncrude company operating in the western province of Alberta’s oilsands region, has been fined $2.7 million dollars for causing the deaths of 31 blue herons. A large containment pond for a mixture of bitumen, water and other chemical byproducts» 


Contagious disease reported in eastern birds

There are about 10 unconfirmed reports that trichomonosis may have affected birds in Canada’s eastern provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this year.  The disease, caused by a microscopic parasite, can make it hard for birds to breathe, eat» 

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Mercury linked to dramatic decline of migratory songbirds: study

Examination of tail feathers suggests that mercury is one of the determining factors for the steep declines of many songbird populations that migrate long distances to and from North America. The study by researchers at Western University in Ontario compared» 


Climate change, habitat loss, hard on migratory birds

Changes to the climate and habitat are occurring so rapidly that it is difficult for some bird species to adapt and, if they cannot adapt or conditions do not improve, they could face extinction. Migratory birds in eastern Canada face» 

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North America’s land birds in decline

North America is losing its birds. While other studies have reported losses in seabirds, a new report says North America’s land bird population has been almost decimated over the last 40 years. Judith Kennedy is co-author of the report and» 

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New stamps feature Canadian birds

Even as the debate goes on to determine a national bird as a symbol of Canada ( RCI-Aug 31,2016), Canada Post has produced the first in a new series of stamps to showcase our avian residents. While Canada itself doesn’t yet» 

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Odd way to cap fence posts saves birds

One unusual way to mark the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty involves gathering cans to save birds at a conservation site in the western province of Saskatchewan. The Old Man on His Back site has about 160 km» 

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Protect habitat for billions of birds, urges report

New technologies reveal that many birds fly father, faster, and through more varied routes than previously thought, indicates a new report. The information reinforces the notion that billions of birds migrate from the massive boreal forest that spans northern Canada.»