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Doctor worries ‘birth tourism’ strains health resources

There is an increasing number of foreign nationals coming to Canada to have their babies here, thus ensuring the infants get Canadian citizenship and access to social services like health and education. Unlike Canada, most countries do not accord citizenship »

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Birth tourism: maybe it is a bigger problem after all

Canada is among a relatively small number of countries, mostly in the western hemisphere that allows automatic citizenship to anyone born here. What has been happening increasingly is that women from abroad are coming to Canada to have their “Canadian” »

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Birth tourism, spies, Canadian citizenship

Difficult case puts Liberals rather confusingly on the same side as Conservatives The concept is called “jus soli”, a Latin term which means that anyone born in a country automatically becomes a citizen of that country. Canada is one of »

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Potential election issue: “birth tourism”

(public commenting open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom to submit: Comments will be posted after moderating) It’s called “birth tourism” or having “passport babies”. It’s when pregnant foreigners travel to Canada for the sole purpose of having the »