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A key towards solving pre-term births

Canadian researchers have discovered what may be an important link in the serious health issue of pre-term births. Babies born before the normal gestation period of 37 weeks have been shown to sometimes develop health or emotional problems later including »

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Birth of pygmy hippo at Toronto Zoo bolsters species survival efforts

On August 10, 2018, 12-year-old Kindia gave birth to her first baby, a 5.48- kilogram female pygmy hippo at the Toronto Zoo. The baby is nursing regularly and has already put on 3.2 kilograms. “This is a first-time mom raising »


C-section rates up and vary dramatically across Canada

Data from hospitals show that the most common inpatient surgical procedure in Canada is the delivery of babies by Caesarean section. This procedure was used in 28.2 per cent of births in 2017 compared to 26.7 per cent in 2007. »

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Complications from Zika underestimated, say researchers

Some Canadians have had severe complications from catching the Zika virus while abroad and researchers are renewing their warnings about the disease. While it is too cold in Canada for the mosquitoes that spread Zika, many Canadians go south to »

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Home delivery ok for low-risk pregnancies: study

A new study found that women with low-risk pregnancies, who decide to deliver their babies at home, do not expose their babies to any greater risk than if they were to deliver them in hospital. The mothers also had fewer »