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Black history month: Against the tide-Chatham Coloured All-Stars; champions!

The year was 1934 and discrimination was still quite common throughout society, including sports. That year however, in spite of all kinds of obstacles, the black players of the Chatham Coloured All Stars broke through the barriers to become Ontario »


Black History Month: Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Jones, a WWI hero

Jeremiah “Jerry” Jones had two “handicaps” going against him when he decided to enlist in the Canadian Army to serve King and country at the height of the First World War. He was black and old enough to be a »


Portraits of Black Canadians – Episode 4

Slavery laws A number of slavery laws, in addition to Indigenous slavery customs, existed in Canada both under the French rule and British rule until slavery was officially abolished in 1833. Duration: 2:49


Portraits of Black Canadians – Episode 3

Olivier Le Jeune Olivier Le Jeune is the first black person known to have lived and died in Canada. He was also Canada’s first recorded African slave. Le Jeune was about seven years old when he was brought to Canada »

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Black history month: Royal Canadian mint special coin

Another colour barrier was broken in professional sports on January 12, 1958, and once again that barrier was broken in Canada. That was the date that Fredericton New Brunswick’s Willie O’Ree took to the ice in a National Hockey League »


Portraits of Black Canadians – Episode 2

Mathieu Da Costa Mathieu Da Costa, the first black man to arrive in Canada, is said to have been born in the Azores. Da Costa was a free black man who in the early 1600s was employed as a translator by »

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National Hockey League and Players Association celebrate Black History Month

For the first time, the NHL will be adapting the thrust of its February campaign of “hockey is for everyone” to a focus of celebrating Black History Month. The league (NHL) and the players association (NHLPA) have joined to mark »

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Black History Month: New collector coin honours civil rights icon

In a small incident that has since become legendary, North America’s first fight for black rights will be honoured once again by the Royal Canadian Mint. In 1946, years before the Rosa Parks incident in the U.S., Canadian businesswoman Viola »

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BHM- Breaking a colour barrier in sports

The year was 1934 in the central province of Ontario, and the sport was baseball. Baseball was the huge major summer sport in North America and stadiums were always filled. Long before Jackie Robinson would break the colour barrier in »

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BHM- The black settlers of Alberta

It is little known fact even within Canada that there was a small but vibrant group of black settlers in the western prairie province of Alberta. They weren’t really part of the well-known “Underground Railroad” but nonetheless were leaving behind »