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Royal Mint commemorates legendary Canadian schooner with gold and silver coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the centenary of Bluenose with the launch of two commemorative coins dedicated to the legendary Canadian schooner. The annual $100 Pure Gold Coin and Proof Silver Dollar commemorate the legacy of the original Bluenose, »

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Bringing back the joys of Lunenburg Harbour is no easy mission

The magnificent harbour at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia has long been considered one of the most gorgeous spots in Canada. Lunenburg is a a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Nova Scotia’s most visited tourist destinations. But in August 2017, »

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Iconic Canadian Bluenose schooner update- more costs, more controversy

The Bluenose schooner is without doubt Canada’s most iconic sailing ship. These beautiful sailing ships were the fast workhorses of Canada’s maritime and Atlantic provinces, especially Nova Scotia, from the 19th century to their peak in the early 20th. The »

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Bluenose II, finally sailing, but still in the sea of controversy

The Bluenose schooner is one of the most iconic and recognized symbols of Canada. Canadians see it every day on their 10-cent coin. The latest version of these sleek sailing vessels is now on a tour of the east coast »