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Squashed: Windsor’s annual pumpkin regatta

It’s a hugely popular and hilariously entertaining event, but to great disappointment it looks like it may not happen this year. This would have been the 21st for the Nova Scotia, pumpkin regatta as part of the Windsor-West Hants Pumpkin »

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Unusual whale behaviour scares fisherman

Norman Strickland said he “was really, really scared” when five or six orca whales surrounded and bumped his small boat off Canada’s eastern shore on Saturday. The boat is 5.5 metres long and the whales, he estimates, were over four »

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Photo of children on boat raises safety concerns

A photo of children in a potentially dangerous situation has ricocheted around Facebook prompting police and experts to redouble their calls for safe boating practices in the province of Quebec. Safety campaigns run every June, July and August across Canada »