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Boeing’s financial woes touch down in Canada

Boeing’s vast financial difficulties have now made their way to Canada. On Friday afternoon, the company told employees at its Winnipeg plant it was cutting 400 jobs — a quarter of its 1,600-person workforce.  “Due to the impact of the »

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Boeing Max 8: further delays, production stoppage, airline costs

Boeing has announced it will suspend production of its 737 Max8 model starting in January. The news has meant a halt to current expansion plans for three of Canada’s airlines, and likely for other international carriers as well.With the addition »

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Boeing air crash: Why, and what happens now

Former safety inspector analysis With the second Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in months, questions are being raised about the plane’s safety.  Many countries have now grounded the model, but not Canada, at least not for the moment.  Eighteen Canadians »

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Ottawa launches new fighter jet competition with warning to Boeing

The federal government launched Tuesday the much anticipated process to replace its ageing fleet of CF-18 Hornets fighter jets, announcing plans to purchase 88 advanced aircraft to beef up its air force, amid an ongoing dispute with Boeing. In a »

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Trade disputes and used fighter jets: Canada, Boeing, Australia

Canada Boeing trade dispute means deal for used Australian jets. Canada had been in line for a multi-billion dollar deal to buy a small fleet (18) of new Boeing Super-Hornet fighter jets. This was an interim measure to replace several »

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U.S.- Canada trade dispute: Bombardier sale due to U.S. tariffs?

According to reports, Canada’s leading aerospace firm, Bombardier, is considering selling parts of its aerospace operation. The Canadian firm is facing massive U.S. tariffs of almost 300 per cent on its new C-series passenger jet as a result of a »

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Bombardier suffers a major setback in bid to sell its jets to U.S. companies

Canada’s giant multinational aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier Inc., received a giant blow from the U.S. Department of Commerce on Tuesday. In a preliminary decision, the department ruled that Bombardier had benefited from improper government subsidies and proposed a 220 »

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CETA to form basis for post-Brexit trade relationship between U.K. and Canada: Trudeau and May

Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union will form the basis for the post-Brexit economic relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his British counterpart Theresa May said Monday. The two leaders also said »

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The U.S.-Canada plane dispute: U.K. joins the fray

It began with a plan for Canada to buy 18 Super-Hornet fighter jets from Boeing as a stop-gap measure to fill a gap in Canada’s air defences. The just revealed price tag of around $6-billion has itself raised concern in »

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Trade wars and fighter jets

Gently used fighter jets for sale to good home Act-5: In which Canada courts Australia to make the U.S jealous The Players: manufacturers: Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed-Martin, McDonnell-Douglas The Countries:  the U.S, Canada, Australia In the world of international trade, buying »