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U.S.- Canada trade dispute: Bombardier sale due to U.S. tariffs?

According to reports, Canada’s leading aerospace firm, Bombardier, is considering selling parts of its aerospace operation. The Canadian firm is facing massive U.S. tariffs of almost 300 per cent on its new C-series passenger jet as a result of a »

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CETA to form basis for post-Brexit trade relationship between U.K. and Canada: Trudeau and May

Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union will form the basis for the post-Brexit economic relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his British counterpart Theresa May said Monday. The two leaders also said »

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The U.S.-Canada plane dispute: U.K. joins the fray

It began with a plan for Canada to buy 18 Super-Hornet fighter jets from Boeing as a stop-gap measure to fill a gap in Canada’s air defences. The just revealed price tag of around $6-billion has itself raised concern in »


Bombardier shut out of New York subway deal due to delays

Montreal-based Bombardier has informed employees that its bid on a $3.2-billion contract with New York’s transit authority has been sidelined, reports Canadian Press. The reason given is past poor performance and delays. Transit officials in Toronto have been furious over »


Bombardier stock takes off as Pierre Beaudoin quits executive role

Bombardier stocks (TSX:BBD.B) jumped over 8.29 per cent Thursday morning after Pierre Beaudoin, the scion of the family that controls Bombardier, announced that he is relinquishing his role as executive chairman. Beaudoin will step down from the position at the »


Will Bombardier’s damage control work?

Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier continues to try to limit the damage from its decision to hike executive compensation while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government support. Public outrage grew and, on Sunday, about 200 people protested »

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Bombardier execs get big bonuses amid massive layoffs

As members of Canada’s middle class get increasingly annoyed with costs going up and salaries not keeping pace, they learned today that executives at Canadian airplane maker Bombardier got multi-million dollar bonuses last year. As Canadian Press reports, the jump »

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Government loan to Bombardier draws complaint from Brazil

The Canadian government announced it will provide Bombardier $372.5 million in interest-free loans, and Brazil will formally complain about it to the World Trade Organization. The complaint will argue that the loans give the Quebec-based Bombardier an unfair advantage over »


Bombardier to cut 7,500 more jobs across its global operations

Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier has announced significant job cuts for the second time this year, cutting another 7,500 posts around the world through the end of 2018. About 2,000 positions will be cut across Canada, including 1,500 in »

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Quebec and Bombardier reach ‘definitive’ deal

Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier and Quebec have reached a definitive agreement for the province to invest US$1 billion towards the Montreal-based company’s troubled CSeries passenger jet program. When the deal is finalized, Quebec will own 49.5 per cent of a »