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NORAD intercepts Russian bombers, while discussing modernisation

Canadian and U.S jets had to scramble yesterday to intercept two Russian bombers heading for North America. The intercepts come even as Canada and the U.S are discussing a new framework for the bi-national North America Aerospace Defence Command, (NORAD). »

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WWII relic: Swedish waters finally give up bomber wreck

It was August 1943 that a crew aboard a Canadian squadron bomber were sent on a dangerous mission over Germany. The large Handley-Page Halifax never made it back. The disabled plane crashed into the sea off the coast of Sweden »

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Flying a legend: Lancaster bomber

The Avro Lancaster is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War.  Of the over 7,000 built, about half survived the war, yet there are only a handful still in existence. In light of the news that »

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Update- Lancaster KB-882- saved, at last!

It is one of last, if not the very last, restorable Lancaster bombers in the world.. The Lancaster is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War. As for KB-882, it is not only an actual war veteran, »

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KB-882: Who will save this war veteran?

Will our Canadian heritage Lancaster KB-882 be left to crumble and die in Canada, or be taken out of the country? While it appeared that last year an aviation museum in Edmonton, Alberta, would move the plane and begin restoration, »

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Keep ‘em flying: Canadian Lancaster parts for Britain’s memorial Lancaster.

It was the plane many consider helped win the Second World War. There were once over 7,000 Lancaster bombers, now only 17 are left, and only two can actually fly. Now, one of the few of these few remaining iconic »

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History: June 12-13, 1944 The Victoria Cross to P/O Andy Mynarski.

Born in Winnipeg in 1916, Andrew Mynarski followed the hundreds of thousands of other young Canadians and signed up to fight in Europe against Nazi oppression. After a brief stay in the infantry with the Royal Winnipeg rifles, he transferred »