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Book: From ‘Dirt to Dinner’-Teaching children about where food comes from

Where does food come from? Do kids really know? It’s an interesting question and the fact is that as society becomes more urbanised, more children don’t realize that food, their hamburgers, bread, eggs, milk, breakfast cereal etc, originates on a »

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Author Desmond Cole on the Black experience in Canada

Toronto resident Desmond Cole, is an activist and journalist. He wrote an article in 2015 about the many times he had been stopped by police and interrogated on the street. The article in Toronto Life was a spark that brought »

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Northern Canadian writers tackle the roiling world of Arctic horror

Ghosts, cannibals and animals that may not be what they seem — a Canadian anthology has brought together some of the North’s most notable writers to explore the darkest corners of Arctic horror. Taaqtumi: An Anthology of Arctic Horror Stories is made up »

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Science book aims to capture children’s interest

Bob McDonald grew up during the space race to the moon and fell in love with science. Now, he is the host the public broadcaster’s popular radio show called Quirks and Quarks and he has written another book about science. »

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An American humourist discovers his Canadian roots

Comedian, author and musician Dave Hill is American. But not 100 per cent. In fact he thought he was one quarter Canadian, only to later discover that he is three-eights Canadian. He set out to learn more about the strange »

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Hockey- the human cost of fighting

The National Hockey League regular season games begin today.  When it comes to hockey, arguably Canada’s favourite sport, the funny saying goes, “I went to see the fights and a hockey game broke out”. Many ardently believe the deliberately hard »


Companies urged to capitalize on older workers

Work is changing and employers need to maximize the value of their older employees, says the author of a new book. Productivity ‘left by the wayside’ “We are living and working longer,” says Lisa Taylor, author of The Talent Revolution. »


Parents of premature babies get help coping

While Canadian hospitals provide excellent care for premature babies, that intense level of care can, at first, be overwhelming for parents. The authors of a new book offer advice to help parents cope. “The…earlier a baby is born premature, often, »


Parents feeling anxious, overwhelmed, get advice

There are parents in Canada who feel anxious, guilty and overwhelmed and a new book aims to relieve that. “(Parents are) are looking ahead and wondering what is this world going to be like when my child gets to be »

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Book warns about chemicals in everyday objects

Plastics are everywhere and while there is concern about their disposal, two authors are warning about the chemicals they may contain. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have updated a book they wrote ten year ago called Slow Death By Rubber »