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Hockey- the human cost of fighting

The National Hockey League regular season games begin today.  When it comes to hockey, arguably Canada’s favourite sport, the funny saying goes, “I went to see the fights and a hockey game broke out”. Many ardently believe the deliberately hard» 


Companies urged to capitalize on older workers

Work is changing and employers need to maximize the value of their older employees, says the author of a new book. Productivity ‘left by the wayside’ “We are living and working longer,” says Lisa Taylor, author of The Talent Revolution.» 


Parents of premature babies get help coping

While Canadian hospitals provide excellent care for premature babies, that intense level of care can, at first, be overwhelming for parents. The authors of a new book offer advice to help parents cope. “The…earlier a baby is born premature, often,» 


Parents feeling anxious, overwhelmed, get advice

There are parents in Canada who feel anxious, guilty and overwhelmed and a new book aims to relieve that. “(Parents are) are looking ahead and wondering what is this world going to be like when my child gets to be» 

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Book warns about chemicals in everyday objects

Plastics are everywhere and while there is concern about their disposal, two authors are warning about the chemicals they may contain. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have updated a book they wrote ten year ago called Slow Death By Rubber» 

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Canada acquires Hitler book enumerating Jews in Canada, U.S.

Canada’s national archive has purchased a 1944 book previously owned by Adolf Hitler which adds credence to fears that the dictator planned to exterminate Jews in Canada and the U.S. The book contains details of Jewish populations in numerous cities» 

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The story of the Black Porters on Canadian railways

It was a unique chapter in Canadian history.  The age of rail travel blossomed in the 20th century, and along with it a need for workers aboard the trains to help the passengers, particularly those in the sleeping cars. They» 


Mammograms do more harm than good, asserts author

Provinces in Canada have publicly-funded programs that offer mammograms to women to screen for breast cancer, but some scientists challenge the value of such programs. A former Canadian journalist has written a book describing how this screening was introduced and» 

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Health myths debunked in new book

At a time when so many people believe crazy things they read on the internet, a McGill University professor has written a book to explain science and why people should put their faith in that instead. No, explains Joe Schwarcz,» 

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Canada’s biggest battle since WWII and Korea

It was in Afghanistan in 2006,  (video interview below) A new book by Major-General David Fraser talks of that battle in his book , Operation Medusa Canadians were sent to Afghanistan to help rebuild the country and wrest it away»