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‘Zombie fires’ threaten an early fire season across the Arctic

Known by wildfire services as ‘holdover’ fires, they’re also called zombie fires because they won’t die or perhaps also somewhat like hibernating creatures in that when wildfires that burn out on the surface the embers can slowly smoulder underground all »

The fire known as the Chuckegg Creek fire is seen from the air in a Government of Alberta handout photo taken near the town of High Level, Alta., Sun. May 19. (Gov't of Alberta-via Canadian Press)

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Wildfires already raging in Alberta

The northern half of Canada’s  western prairie province of Alberta is experiencing a number of major forest fires. Evacuation alerts have been issued for towns in the province where fire is threatening. There has been almost no rain in the »

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Urgent call to save northern Ontario caribou

A group of environmental organisations has come together in an open letter urging the federal government to act quickly to save two small herds of boreal caribou. The letter blames provincial mismanagement for the herds decline. Ecojustice on behalf of »

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End of the line for Quebec caribou herd

Species at Risk Act contested by Alberta The threats to Canada’s caribou herds have been widely talked about for years. Various efforts to save such herds have been discussed and implemented in many cases, but sporadically it seems. Most of »

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A new way to predict forest wildfires developed

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have come up with a new way to predict when and where fires caused by humans are most likely to occur in the spring. Between the time that the snow melts and plants »

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Protect habitat for billions of birds, urges report

New technologies reveal that many birds fly father, faster, and through more varied routes than previously thought, indicates a new report. The information reinforces the notion that billions of birds migrate from the massive boreal forest that spans northern Canada. »

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Recommendation of boreal forest for World Heritage status

An area larger than Belgium. Two distinctly different areas in Canada have joined 15 other sites around the world as recommended for World Heritage status for 2016. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Commission on »

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Wildfires; more and bigger

The recent and still raging wildfire which destroyed a portion of the Alberta town of Fort McMurray, has attracted worldwide attention. Other wildfires so far this year have also forced evacuations in other provinces in Canada, and wildfires are now »

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Neighbouring province of B.C. on wildfire alert

The province of British Columbia (B.C.) is taking a lesson from Alberta‘s massive wildfire and telling residents to prepare themselves in case they need to evacuate because of fire. Two wildfires have merged into one in northeastern B.C. near Fort »

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Protection for caribou in Canada: patchwork progress

For years, various levels of governments across Canada have been well aware of serious declines in the caribou populations. In spite of a variety of programmes and hunting restrictions, the populations continue to decline. Some of those programmes however have »