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Canada history: Aug 29, 1907 Quebec Bridge tragedy (No.1 of 2)

It was, and still is, the longest cantilever bridge in the world but one with a tragic history. The Quebec Bridge at 987 metres long (3,238 ft) spans the St. Lawrence river between the south shore city of Levis and »


New bridge opens spanning mighty St. Lawrence River

A brand new 3.4-kilometre bridge opened in one direction today linking the island of Montreal with the mainland south of it. The new bridge is an important link for people living in suburbs on the south shore and commuting to »


Canada is back together again: Only east-west link complete

It may seem odd, but it’s a fact. There is just one road, one single place connecting all of western Canada, to all of eastern Canada. That place is at Nipigon in northern Ontario. It’s where two highways, 11 and »

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A bridge too far.. too far gone.

Well, OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The Quebec City bridge is not beyond repair, not ‘too far gone”, but it is in rough shape. With metal delamination and rusting, the structure is slowly being weakened. © Jean-Francois Nadequ/ Radio-Canada »

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Canada history: Feb 2, 1915, sabotage behind enemy lines, Canada!

The fears in both World Wars were always there; you never knew where a spy or saboteur could be lurking, even in Canada which was far distant from the wars on other continents. On this date in 1915, there was »

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History: Aug. 25, 1860- the longest railway bridge in the world.

In its day, and even before completion, the Victoria Bridge in Montreal was being hailed as an engineering marvel. At some 3 kilometres long, it was also the longest railway bridge in the world. Opened officially on this day, August »