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Edmonton bubble will host 2021 World Junior Championship

The 2021 World Junior Hockey Championship will be played using a bubble format at Rogers Place in Edmonton. According to an announcement on Thursday from the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the IIHF Council approved a proposal from Hockey Canada »

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Vancouver has highest risk housing bubble will burst

The Swiss bank UBS has rated Canada’s western city of Vancouver as having world’s greatest risk of a sudden downward correction in its housing market. However, the assessment came before a new tax was imposed that cooled the housing market »

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Overheated housing sales in Canada result in new scheme

Recently many domestic and international financial analysts have said Canada’s housing market is overheated, that house prices are much overvalued. Many say the market “bubble” is long overdue to burst and have a price collapse. That doesn’t seem to be »


House prices in Canada, far above reality

A new Economist magazine says Canada is among an exclusive, but certainly not enviable club of seven countries where the housing market is dangerously over-valued.  National average housing price in Canada in March = $439,144   (Canadian Real Estate Assoc.) The »