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Public broadcaster music library closing, CDs to be digitised, destroyed

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC (English) and Radio-Canada (French) is going through massive changes. Update As mentioned in its news release of December 12, 2017, Radio-Canada is taking the necessary steps to ensure the long-term preservation of its collections of vinyl »

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Canada losing marine research ability

It’s the latest concern for marine scientists. The Canadian Coast Guard research vessel Matthew is up for auction. Canadian Coast Guard research vessel Matthew. To be auction off this week., severely limiting Canada’s oceangraphic research and mapping ability © wikipaedia This »

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Whither journalism in Canada? Mergers, concentration, job losses.

It seems like every month there is a story of a newsroom being cut, or a radio station shutting down, or a media merger leading to newspaper closures and reporters being let go. In January alone over 200 media job »

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March to save Canada’s national public broadcaster

After seven days of walking, a group of supporters of Canada’s public broadcaster, has reached its goal on Parliament Hill in the national capital, Ottawa. The group calling itself “Tous Amis de Radio-Canada” is protesting the severe budgte cutbacks to »

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Concern for public broadcasting in Canada.

Anthony S Manera was appointed to the presidency of Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada for a five year term in 1994.  A year later, he resigned in protest over the hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts and shortfall he »

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Saving scientific research in Canada

Several leading scientists and academics are set to meet with the public and politicians in the national capital, Ottawa this evening. The event is called “Get Science Right”  The Canadian Association of University Teachers is organizing the event. Robin Vose »

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Study: Canadian government budget cuts are permanent, dramatic and hit services to citizens

Canadian government attempts to balance the federal budget with cuts have reduced services to veterans, lowered the number of employees dealing with food inspection, and generally cut direct services to citizens, according to a new study by the Canadian Centre »

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Closing of Canadian fisheries libraries alarms scientists

An effort at federal cost-cutting has marine scientists and researchers across Canada and elsewhere shocked and dismayed. Announced last year, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is closing 7 of its 11 specialized libraries across the country in »