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Federal incentive budget for electric cars nearly halved in 8 months

The Canadian government has nearly spent half of its incentive budget for electric cars in just 8 months. The $300 million budget was supposed to last for the next three years. Instead, the federal government has already given out $134 »


Alberta tables austerity budget to rein in spending

Alberta’s United Conservative Party says it plans to cut public sector jobs, end the freeze on post-secondary tuition, chop municipal funding and delay infrastructure projects in hopes of returning the oil-rich Western Canadian province to a balanced budget by 2023. »

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Ontario budget: deficit, booze and new licence plates

Canada’s largest province won’t have a balanced budget for the next five years, but Ontarians will have to get used to some gradual fiscal belt-tightening even as the provincial Progressive Conservative government relaxes Ontario’s restrictive alcohol rules. The budget presented »

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Budget lacks climate change measures, says environmentalist

Under the Paris Agreement, Canada has pledged $4 billion annually to help developing countries with climate change, but the government’s budget unveiled yesterday does not provide for it, says Dale Marshall of the non-profit Environmental Defence. Fossil fuels still subsidized, »


New chapter in Canada’s political scandal: disruption to Parliament promised

The ethics scandal that’s been dogging the governing Liberal party had a new twist today, one that has the opposition fuming. An all-party Justice Committee has been hearing testimony into allegations of undue political interference in a legal case of »

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Skills training greatly needed in changing work environment

The Canadian government brings down its budget today and it is expected to include measures to provide badly-needed skills training for certain Canadians. “We’ve had some very prominent plant closures. We’ve had industry restructuring within the primary resources sector. And »

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The LINK Online, Jan. 18-19-20

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc  (video of show at bottom) Canadian naval ship heads home after six-month tour in Mediterranean and North Atlantic Spanish Frigate Cristobal Colon, French Naval Ship Latouche-Tréville and Turkish Naval Ship Oruceis sail ahead of »


Ontario budget pledges money for high-speed rail

Provincial election on horizon In a pre-election budget, the provincial Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne is promising $182 billion in infrastructure projects over ten years. Biggest among the project is the promise of $11 billion as an initial investment to »

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Tax credit for using public transit removed

The idea was introduced  in 2006 under the Conservative government as a “green” measure. In the face of climate change and a desire to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the public transit tax credit was instituted to encourage people to leave »

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Liberals promise $81B in new infrastructure spending to kick-start sluggish economy

The Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is responding to the stubborn sluggishness of Canadian economy by boosting infrastructure spending while making it easier for the private sector and foreign buyers invest in the country. The Liberals will pour an »