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Building for change in the face of climate change

It was among the most violent storms recorded. Hurricane Dorian slowly smashed its way across the Bahamas and later to the U.S east coast and Canada’s maritime provinces. The incredible winds and massive rain and storm surges, caused total and »

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Going, going…last hope for historic building has gone

An old and now decrepit building in Nova Scotia is on the verge of being torn down. It’s not just any old building though, it is what’s left of The Commercial Cable Company building in Nova Scotia. It was through »


Fire ravages historic cinema

Montreal police are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed an abandoned building that once was Canada’s first movie theatre. The Robillard Building was erected in 1885 and in June 1896, Louis Minier used a room in it to »

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Government to encourage energy-efficient buildings

In on-going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is about to take steps to ensure new and existing buildings are more energy efficient, reports CBC. Buildings account for 17 per cent of carbon emissions in Canada. The »


Fort Mac fire chief wants building code changes

The man in charge of the battle against the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray wants changes to the way houses are built to avoid future devastation, reports Canadian Press. The fire that engulfed this western Canadian city gutted thousands of »