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Burundian humanitarian pleads for Canada’s help in stopping potential genocide

Marguerite Barankitse says she needs Canada’s help to stop a genocide in the making and to care for thousands of Burundians who have fled political violence in the country since 2015. Barankitse or simply Maggy, as she is known to »

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Child refugee returns to Burundi to open clinic

Jackson Nahayo was beaten and left for dead in a forest in Burundi when he was six years old. He’d been kidnapped from school, along with his older sister, by rebel fighters during the ethnic conflict in Cibitoke province in »

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Is Burundi on the brink of return to ethnic conflict?

The African Union (AU) says it is prepared to send 5,000 peacekeepers to protect civilians in Burundi amid continuing unrest that has killed at least 400 people and forced more than 220,000 Burundians to flee to neighbouring countries, sparking fears »