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Court ruling on Inuit consultation a ‘wake-up call’ for Canadian government says lawyer

A ruling by Canada’s Supreme Court this week that Inuit must be sufficiently consulted before projects affecting their communities are approved, will have important implications for future Arctic ventures, say those involved in the case. “We’re walking on cloud nine and so» 


How much does Inuit art contribute to the Canadian economy?

 When it comes to economic development in the Canadian Arctic, resource development dominates the headlines. But a recent report lays out in detail, just how much the Inuit arts economy contributes to the North, and to Canada as a whole. In 2015 alone, the Inuit art economy contributed $87.2» 

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Inuit Art Foundation takes over art certification from Canadian government

A trademark that certifies Inuit art, and has been issued by the Canadian government for almost sixty years, is now in Inuit hands. The Inuit Art Foundation (IAF), which promotes Inuit artists and publishes the magazine Inuit Art Quarterly, will now» 


The Nova Scotia book of Everything

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia and were going to ask anyway. It’s summer in Canada, or nearly, and a time for travel. If heading to the province of Nova Scotia, here’s a quick and enjoyable way to» 

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Canadian province of Quebec puts Arctic on international agenda

The Canadian province of Quebec included the Arctic as a top priority in its new international policy this month, but questions remain as to how this renewed focus will benefit northerners back home in the province. The new 10-year policy focuses» 

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Executives wary about Trump

A survey of Canadian executives suggests they are ambivalent about U.S. President Donald Trump even as they see much that is positive for their businesses. The poll of 156 CEOs was conducted by telephone on behalf of KPMG and published» 

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Q&A: Impact assessments in the Arctic – What Canada and Greenland can learn from each other

MONTREAL — A major conference on the challenges climate change poses for doing impact assessments,wound up in Canada on Friday. Delegates from around the world gathered for the four-day event, but the North got a day-long spotlight during the conference’s Arctic-Nordic forum on doing assessments» 

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Ontario cap and trade,energy costs : slow death of an industry

The concept was heralded with much fanfare. Ontario would join Quebec and California in an emmissions cap and trade programme. The idea is to reduce greenhouse gases by penalizing those polluting industries and benefit those which reduce their emmissions. Caught» 


Business calls for faster airport screening

A coalition of business groups wants the Canadian government to make airports more competitive to enhance tourism and economic activity, reports Canadian Press (CP). London’s Heathrow and Hong Kong International airports require 95 per cent of passengers to be screened» 

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Hiring refugees is good for business, say advocates

Refugees are adaptable, resilient, loyal and willing to work hard, says an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail newspaper. It was written by two people, one of whom co-founded the Refugee Career Jumpstart Project to help newcomers get schooling»