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Survey: Canadians report rise in risky driving behaviour throughout pandemic

Canadians said they have seen an increase in dangerous driving since COVID-19 restrictions have been put in place, according to a survey from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).  The survey, which polled 2,824 people in June, found that a majority »


Many people drive too soon after cannabis use, says non-profit

About 1.2 million drivers in the big province of Ontario have driven high after consuming cannabis, according to a regional branch of the Canadian Automobile Association. The CAA is a non-profit, consumer- based federation of automobile clubs. The club based »

Internet, Science & Technology

Consumer group demystifies vehicle automation

Many Canadians are concerned and are unfamiliar with new technologies being added to vehicles, according to a new survey. The consumer group, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) commissioned the study and decided to help Canadians better understand the emerging technologies. »


Worst roads campaign may elicit improvements

A not-for-profit auto club, the CAA, has kicked off its annual worst roads campaign to help authorities understand what road improvements are most urgently needed in the province of Ontario. The CAA is inviting motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike to »


Drivers warned about predicted extreme cold

Canadians are used to driving in cold temperatures but not everyone is prepared for unusual, extreme cold that can kill car batteries and stall vehicles. The not-for-profit auto club, CAA of south central Ontario has issued a special advisory urging »

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Cost of treating bicycle injuries likely soaring: CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is advocating for better bicycle paths and public education to prevent death and injury. Statistics from the United States show the cost of treating bicycle injuries is increasing and reached $24.4 billion for the year »


Motorists asked to report worst roads

This is a time of year when an extra amount of potholes open up in roads across Canada, driving motorists to distraction. Heavy vehicles clearing snow can damage road surfaces in winter and in spring, the alternating cold and warm »


CAA wants warning against marijuana and driving

Before Canada legalizes the use of recreational marijuana next spring, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) wants the government to warn people about the dangers of driving after using pot. This will likely rekindle the debate over whether using marijuana really »