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Organ donor? No traffic ticket

It’s called “second chance”. Police in Calgary Alberta have joined with other forces in California in a programme to encourage organ donation. Instead of a costly ticket for offences like an illegal U-turn, or a parking violation or others at» 

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Landmark legal case: Canadian precedent- international implications

A win for the Davids vs the Goliaths A woman in west coast British Columbia was surprised and angry to discover Facebook had used her image and the fact that she “liked” a product. for the intenet giant’s own commercial» 

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Ontario’s “green plans” – more costs, few controls, little result

Ontario is Canada’s most populous and most industrialized province. The Auditor General of Ontario has just released her latest report on the provincial governments policies and activities and in it she critiques the province’s plans to control greenhouse gasses. Bonnie» 

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Documentary: California drought- another warning of climate change

The lush fruit orchards, nut groves, vinyards and vegetable fields of California supply food to almost all of North America and beyond. Reliable year-round sun and ample water have meant unparalleled yields for decades. But that has come at a» 

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Drug smuggling increasingly popular among truckers bound to Canada from Mexico

Border agents have been finding more and more cocaine hidden in fruits and vegetables in trucks coming from Mexico. In recent years, at least a dozen truckers from the Greater Toronto Area have been charged with smuggling drugs into Canada.»