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As Canadian aquaculture grows, hard questions are being asked

Two new reports by Fisheries and Oceans Canada do not bode well for future of a lot of fish–mainly cod and salmon struggling to survive in Canadian waters off both Coasts. Let’s start with Atlantic cod, who are not doing» 

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Calgary Stampede’s chuckwagon races claim lives of six horses

Animal rights activists want an investigation into what they are calling “illegal rodeo cruelty” after six horses were killed at this year’s Calgary Stampede after competing in chuckwagon races. Three of the horses had to be put down Sunday, making» 

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Canada poised to pass two historic animal rights bills

It’s been a hard–sometimes disheartening–slog for Canadian animal activists, but they are about to have a very, very good spring. And so are the animals the activists have long sought to protect and nurture. Two historic bills are about to» 

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Ontario SPCA pulling out of investigations and enforcement duties at the end of March

In a move that’s been expected for months but still caught many by surprise, the Ontario Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has announced that–as of the end of the month–it will no longer investigate and enforce animal» 

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Animal rights activists say 2018 provided progress and hope

Animal activists, at least the ones I’ve met, tend to be generous, passionate and determined Most–again from my experience–are also relentless–relentless in their desire to protect the creatures who share this earth with the rest of us. Activists advocate. They» 

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Senate votes to move ahead with bill dear to animal activists

Canadian animal rights activists scored what they are calling a “huge victory” in the Senate on Thursday. The upper chamber’s fisheries committee voted to move forward with Bill S-203, legislation that would ban keeping whales and dolphins in Canadian aquariums.» 

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Animal activists will get their day before Supreme Court of Canada

The thing about animal activists is they don’t give up–easily or ever. And maybe all the lobbying and the legal efforts are starting to pay off. Camille Labchuk, a lawyer, is director of legal advocacy for Animal Justice. © cbc.ca In»