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Organ donor? No traffic ticket

It’s called “second chance”. Police in Calgary Alberta have joined with other forces in California in a programme to encourage organ donation. Instead of a costly ticket for offences like an illegal U-turn, or a parking violation or others at» 

Politics, Society

Election adverts in Canada – first salvoes fired

With Canada’s general election still several months away in October, the political parties are well into election mode already. Leaders and other members of the various parties have already begun to hold public meetings across Canada. Advertisements have begun as» 

Health, International

‘Water for Life’ initiative by UNICEF raises millions

For the 26th time, UNICEF will hold a gala in the western city of Calgary to raise money for its “Water for Life” campaign. UNICEF says that it and its partners reached 45 million people with improved water supplies in» 


Dyslexia campaign draws attention to common disability

In order to raise awareness about the reading and writing disability called dyslexia, different monuments across Canada will be lit up on certain days between October 14 and 22, 2018. It’s estimated that 10-20 per cent of Canadian children have» 


Mental health campaign aims to reduce stigma

A major Canadian company has launched a t-shirt campaign to raise awareness about mental health issues and to help fund support services. The Hudson’s Bay Company is a global retailer and this campaign is part of a larger one in» 

Health, Society

Heart disease and stroke cutting women’s lives short: campaign

‘Time for women to stop dying unnecessarily’ Heart disease and stroke claim the life of a woman in Canada every 17 minutes and “sex and gender blinders have caused too many women’s lives to be cut short,” according to the» 


Anti-violence campaign involves black youth in Ontario

As part of a $47-million-dollar anti-racist Black Youth Action Plan, the government of the province on Ontario has mandated several campaigns including one that involves five videos and four live events. The project by Innovate Inclusion aims to reduce instances» 

International, Society

Children increasingly targeted in war: UNICEF appeals for help

Children are not just innocent casualties of conflict, but increasingly they are deliberately targeted, says UNICEF. This United Nations agency devoted to helping children makes the point as it launches this year’s appeal for $3.5 billion US to help 48» 


Dementia: campaign aims to reduce stigma

Almost half of Canadians would not want people to know they had dementia, according to a survey done for the Alzheimer Society. The poll suggests 46 per cent of respondents would feel ashamed or embarrassed if they had dementia and» 


Talk about drug overdose, urges health agency

The Fraser Health agency has launched a campaign to get people to talk about drug overdose with friends or family members who they think may be at risk. The agency serves 1.8 million people in part of the western province»