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Following complaints, border agents step up screening protocols

Following complaints by workers and travellers–notably at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport–that screening questions for incoming travellers were not stringent enough, the Canada Border Services Agency says it is adding new ones. The CBSA says automated questionnaires will now ask whether »


Man fined $30K for smuggled cheese

A man who tried to smuggle about four tonnes of cheese into Canada earlier this year has five years to pay a $30,000-fine with a minimum payment of $1,000 each year for failing to declare the goods, an Ontario court »

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Ottawa to spend more on border security and processing claimants

The federal government plans to spend $1.18 billion over the next five years to tighten border security and speed up the processing of asylum claims. The plan, announced Tuesday in the 2019 federal budget, seeks to stem the flow of »

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Border agency launched numerous code of conduct investigations

CBC News has uncovered wide range of alleged misconduct by staff at the Canada Border Service Agency. The agency has the authority to detain and search Canadians and carry out deportations and is not subject to outside oversight of staff »

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Seeking to fill skills shortages, Ottawa increases immigrants quota

The government has unveiled an immigration plan that will see Canada increase the number of newcomers from 310,000 this year to 350,000 in 2021. The announcement came Wednesday in Ottawa from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who added that additional funding »

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Canada aiming to increase the rate of deportations

CBC News is reporting that Canada is stepping up efforts to deport failed refugee claimants and other foreign nationals illegally in the country. The report by Kathleen Harris says the Canada Border Services Agency is setting a goal to increase »

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Some Canadian border agents branded as rude and disrespectful

At least one civil liberties organization says the Canada Border Services Agency needs an independent complaints agency similar to those that oversee police forces in the country. The government says it is working on just that as it conducts a »

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Border agency will begin tracking cellphone searches

When Canada’s privacy commissioner, Daniel Therrien, told a House of Commons committee earlier this month that Canadians should be “very concerned” about their cellphones, computers and other electronic devices being searched by U.S. border agents, most who cross the border »

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Canada revises directives on information gained by torture overseas

In a partial reversal of previous policy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has issued new directives that limit–but don’t totally forbid–Canadian security agencies from using information that was likely obtained through torture overseas. Previous directives allosed international exchanges of »

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More and more asylum seekers braving bitter cold to seek new lives in Manitoba

The North American prairies are foreboding, certainly in winter, especially when you are travelling on foot across snow-covered fields driven by the hope of finding a new life. Hundreds of people have been crossing the U.S.-border illegally near this border »