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Canada Post makes changes to its services during COVID-19 outbreak

Canada Post is making changes to its delivery and retail services in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a press release from the company published yesterday. Canada Post will be reducing its hours at its post offices by opening» 

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Black History Month: Canada Post celebrates with another stamp

Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport, but historical racism was strong as it was in many other aspects of society, and the teams were white as the snow. It is little known that in the eastern Maritime provinces, black churches,» 


Trio gives new (old?) meaning to exchanging Christmas cards

When Canada Post announced this week that the cost of mail was going to jump in January, three Regina residents likely greeted the news with little more than a shrug and a smile. Wally and Shirley Ball and Fred Blast,» 


Senate passes legislation to end Canada Post strike

Canadian postal workers will be forced to resume mail and parcel delivery services at noon Tuesday after the Senate passed legislation ordering an end to five weeks of rotating strikes by Canada Post employees. The emergency legislation received royal assent» 


Liberals move to end Canada Post strike

With Canada’s busiest shopping season ahead of Christmas holidays threatened by a weeks-long rotating postal strike, the federal government is pushing emergency legislation to force Canada Post employees back to work. Labour Minister Patty Hajdu tabled the proposed legislation in» 


Postal strikes hurt small business, post office reputation, says analyst

For the last four weeks, intermittent postal strikes have hit different regions of Canada resulting in a massive backlog of undelivered packages and envelopes. This comes at the busiest time of year for retailers and, even if the government legislates» 

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Surprise backlash from trade deal: Canada Post- Canadian retail

(public commenting open on all RCI stories at bottom- Comments will be posted after moderating) Canada is so huge, it’s difficult even for Canadians to imagine. Distances are enormous, but the Crown corporation Canada Post is mandated to deliver mail» 

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Postal workers could be off the job by the end of the month

Canadian postal workers could be off the job by the end of the month. In a month-long vote that wrapped up Sunday, they have given their union, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, a strike mandate by an overwhelming margins.» 

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Trudeau says no promises broken in Canada Post controversy

In 2014 when Stephen Harper’s Conservative government announced it was going to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail to about five million households over five years, the reaction was swift. Most Canadians, especially those directly involved, were–to say the least–less» 

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Black History Month 2018 : Canada creates new stamps

February each year marks the celebration of Black History Month in Canada, and although we’re still a week away from the official start, Canada Post has already begun to set the stage. This year, as they have in past years.»