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Roundup of COVID-19 responses around the Arctic

With the number of COVID-19 cases outside of China increasing rapidly, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global pandemic on March 12, urging governments “to take urgent and aggressive action” to stop its spread. Eye on the Arctic »

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Ontario releases projections on figures for COVID-19 deaths

Governments in Canada have been under pressure to reveal projections on the potential death toll from this novel coronavirus. While the federal government has so far not complied, today provincial health officials in Ontario revealed their modelling projections. The modeling »

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COVID-19: Cash crunch for business, cities, provinces, even federal government

Across Canada the effects of the pandemic are widening. Restaurants are allowed to stay open as an essential food service but only if they provide take-away or delivery and no in-store seating, but that is not saving all of them. »

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Canada History: Apr. 3, 1956- the roots of an entire thrilling film genre

What do the the 1980 comedy hit film ‘Airplane’, the 1970’s disaster film genre, and Canada all have in common?  They all began in Canada with the hugely successful novelist and screenwriter, Arthur Hailey. who wrote blockbuster novels and movies »

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COVID-19: To mask or not to mask?

With infection cases now rising rapidly in the U.S.,there is more debate about whether people should wear face masks to limit the spread of the infection. Currently, Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Teresa Tam, maintains the position that  face »

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Back to the future: COVID-19 means people are baking again

After the panic buying of such things as toilet paper which created shortages in stores, there now seems to be shortages of things like flour and yeast. While not in the category of panic buying, it appears that with many »

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Obesity and aging: study finds obesity can speed aging

One might think that obesity and the effects of aging are two relatively unrelated health issues. A new study however shows that in fact obesity has many similar effects on the body function as those that occur due to aging. »

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Canada History: Apr.1, 1999: Canada’s map redrawn with a new territory

The Inuit who comprise the vast majority of the approximately 39,000 residents of the eastern Arctic, had long been requesting authority over their region.  In 1976 Inuit groups had sought political control over the region as a way to settle »

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COVID-19: Closings, cancellations, collapse. clean cash

The feeling among medical experts is that Canada has yet to see the peak in COVID-19 cases. To that end more closings have been announced in an effort to prevent transmission among people.  Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has just »

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Quebec Solidaire asks for 30 day grace period on rent and mortgages

With the first of April looming, Quebec Solidaire, a political party in Quebec, has suggested giving people a 30 day grace period to pay their rent or mortgages this month, according to a press release from the party on Tuesday. »