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$22-B International railway- Alberta to Alaska, gets approval from Trump

It’s a project costing an estimated $22 Billion . The railway would stretch 2,570 kilometres from Alberta’s oil sands region to an existing junction in Delta Alaska where it connects to ports near Anchorage. U.S President Donald Trump tweeted on »

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Canada pushes former finance minister for top OECD position

Canada’s Bill Morneau, had been a confidant and advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  since the Liberals came to power in 2015. He had also held the very important portfolio of finance minister since that time. His involvement with the »

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Ontario government reacts to increase in COVID cases

The Premier of Ontario on several occasions has sharply criticised citizens who are not obeying the health restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The province had been slowly moving towards  fewer restriction and is in what was called »


Canadian economy: Indications that a recovery from COVID has stalled

In spite of massive emergency federal funding for individuals and business and in spite of what appeared to be the start of a healthy recovery in mid-summer, it now appears that has stalled. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) »

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Canada signs deal to secure 20M additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Canada has signed an agreement with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca to procure up to 20 million doses of its COVID‑19 vaccine candidate being developed at Oxford University, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday. The deal with AstraZeneca adds to agreements the »

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World’s airline industry in dire financial situation

Latest indication: Air traffic control job cuts in Canada In 2019, the world’s airline industry took a bit of hit with the two crashes and grounding of  hundreds of Boeing Max 8 aircraft being flown  by airlines around the world »


COVID-19 frustrations: Abuse, threats against health officials, polticians

With the arrival of the pandemic and rapid increase in positive cases and deaths, politicians on the advice of their health officials, instituted lockdowns  and other restrictions. Many people, in spite of government emergency funding programmes, have found themselves in »

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Canada’s largest city cancels all city-led events to the end of the year

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, virtually all major events across the country were cancelled this year. This includes parades, festivals, large ethnic and religious celebrations, fairs, exhibitions and sporting events. The loss of these events has »

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Second wave of COVID-19 already underway in Canada, says Trudeau

With the fate of his minority government hanging in the balance, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to the airwaves on Wednesday to rally Canadians in the fight against the pandemic and to shore up support for his plan to get »


Huge jump in lumber costs means more expensive homes

Canada is a land of forests. Wood and lumber for construction is common and plentiful in Canada and should in theory be inexpensive. Not so since COVID-19. The cost of construction lumber has spiked considerably – in some cases up »