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Climate change is CP News Story of the Year.

The Canadian Press News Story of the Year is climate change, the news agency announced Tuesday. Absolutely no surprise. From Greta Thunberg leading hundreds of thousands of people in rallies across the country in September, to a series of reports »

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Arctic butterflies get the spotlight in new children’s book

When most people think of Arctic nature, they usually think about ice and snow, seals and polar bears. But a new children’s book is throwing the spotlight on a lesser known part of the Arctic eco-system, namely, butterflies. A Children’s »

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2019 Arctic wildfire season ‘unprecedented’ say experts

June and July are shaping up to be the most intense Arctic wildfire periods on record with blazes raging everywhere from Siberia and Alaska to even Greenland. Although fires are a natural part of the boreal forest life cycle, the »

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As spate of wildfires ravage the Arctic, Canada–so far–is feeling a bit less heat

As what the World Meteorological Organization calls “unprecedented” wildfires rage across much of the Arctic, Canada–at least so far–seems to a escaping the worst of the ravaging. Dan Thompson, a fire research scientist with Natural Resources Canada, says this year »