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Sex workers go to court in a challenge to Canada’s prostitution laws

An alliance of 25 sex worker rights groups has gone to court to challenge Canada’s prostitution laws. The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform filed suit Tuesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, saying the laws–as they stand »

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Churches and provincial authorities continue to clash over in-house services

Legal confrontations over in-person church services continue to escalate in western Canada. On a day when the chief justice of British Columbia’s Supreme Court kicked a legal ball down the road in a dispute between health authorities and three churches »

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A battle over in-person church services comes to a head in B.C.

The chief justice of British Columbia’s Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver a decision today in a case involving three churches in the province who say restrictions put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic violate parishioners’ rights and freedoms. »

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Proposed settlement brings aftermath of 2010 G20 violence near closure

The aftermath and repercussions of the most tumultuous public protests–and largest mass arrests in modern Canadian history–appear to be approaching closure. On Monday, a $16.5-million settlement was reached in a class-action lawsuit over mass arrests at the June 2010 G20 »

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Historic decision appears to free Adam Capay

Surrounded by family, Adam Capay walked free from Canada’s criminal justice system for the first time in over six years on Monday. Capay, in his mid-20s, is a member of the Lac Seul First Nation. He was arrested as a »

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Pioneering gay activist Jim Egan honoured in Toronto

A man who helped change the life of tens of thousands of Canadians is being honoured Wednesday night in Toronto when Historica Canada releases a one-minute video to be shown online to celebrate the life of Jim Egan. Egan spent »

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B.C. Supreme Court delivers a life-altering victory for homeless people

Homeless people in Canada won a major legal victory on Wednesday, a decision that maybe–just maybe–will make them a whole lot less invisible, a whole lot less the objects of scorn by so many. Citing Canada’s Charter of Rights and »