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Refugee policy in Canada applauded

Canada’s refugee advocacy groups are celebrating “Canada’s leadership for refugees” at the same time as they “look for more” action to help asylum seekers. Today is World Refugee Day and the umbrella group, Canadian Council for Refugees has added its »

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Canada should admit more refugees, say advocacy groups

Canada should increase the numbers of refugees and immigrants it admits, recommends the Canadian Council for Refugees, an umbrella organization representing immigration and refugee advocacy groups across the country. The council would like the number of government-sponsored refugees to go »

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Canada urged to suspend refugee agreement with U.S.

Refugee and human rights advocates are renewing calls for Canada to suspend an agreement it has with the United States governing the treatment of refugee claimants. Under the Safe Third Country Agreement between the two countries refugee claimants must see »

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Refugees need more, not less legal aid, say advocates

The body that provides free legal aid in the province of Ontario says it must cut services for refugees because of budget shortfalls. An umbrella council of refugee advocacy groups is calling on the federal and all provincial government to »

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Canada braces for influx of Mexican refugees following Trump announcements

The border wall with Mexico and cutting funds to so-called sanctuary cities and states made the headlines on Wednesday as President Donald Trump continued to sign his slew of executive orders aimed at putting his brand on the U.S. government »

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Number of Mexican refugee claims rises in December

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the lifting of stringent visa requirements for Mexican travellers coming to Canada at a bilateral meeting in Ottawa in June, it was unclear what the effects would be. »

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Abused spouses trapped by residency rules

A government rule about newly-arrived, sponsored spouses is bad for women and makes it harder for newcomer women to leave abusive relationships, says the Canadian Council for Refugees, an umbrella organization representing advocacy groups across the country. The Conditional Permanent Residence rule »

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Refugee advocates welcome changes, but want more

Advocates applaud the Canadian government’s new measures to speed up private efforts to bring in Syrian refugees, but they say it should do more. Syrians and Iraqis will no longer have to prove they are recognized as convention refugees by »