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CFL announces new Grey Cup format…IF AND WHEN

It’s never been the Super Bowl, thank God. In fact, the Grey Cup is a whole lot older and most Canadians would likely tell you it’s a whole lot better. That is a matter for debate at a later date. »

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Canadian Football League postpones 2020 training camps 

The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced the postponement of the 2020 training camps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a statement released today.  According to the CFL, training camps were originally scheduled to start on May 17.  “As of »


Grey Cup set for Sunday, let the party begin

A hardy bunch of Canadians will gather this Sunday for the 107th time in a city with a football stadium to–at the very least–partake in some darn good parties and, yes, watch a football game. This year it’s between the »


It’s time for November Football, a Canadian rite of passage

It’s November–time to partake in a long-standing Canadian rite of passage: ugly professional football. The Canadian Football League conference semifinals take place Sunday–the first hurdle for any team looking to win the 2019 Grey Cup in two weeks time. Montreal »


The tough slog that is the Canadian Football League season is set to begin

“Hey! It’s june. Time to play a little football.” “Really?” “Yeah, it’s Canada.” All true. The Canadian Football League begins its regular season Thursday night in Winnipeg when Edmonton’s Eskimos face the hometown Blue Bombers (good names, eh?). After a »

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A look back at Canadian sports in 2017 leaves some questions in the air

At first glance, the year in sports in Canada in 2017 does not appear all that different from previous years in sports in Canada since, well, 1993–the last time a Canadian-based NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens, won the Stanley Cup »

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Can rugby rules solve North American football’s injury epidemic? It might be worth a shot

It’s autumn in North America. Rugby rules are strick about how and where to tackle and the lack of equipment makes players less likely to deliver a cheap shot to bring a player down. © CP Photo/Darryl Dyck That means football »

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Colin Kaepernick’s unlikely saga could lead to Montreal….maybe

Could Colin Kaepernick be playing football in Canada in the not-too-distant future? Nobody’s holding their breath right now, except perhaps Montreal Alouettes fans who have seen their team struggle through a terrible season. Kaepernick, of course, is the National Football »

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Canadian Football League: Labour-management talks break down

Contract talks between the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the players broke down Thursday (May 29) after the CFL rejected the union’s latest proposal, one that included an amendment to its original demand that revenue sharing be included in this »