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Deep sea recovery of Canadian military helicopter and crew ended

In a press statement released Wednesday afternoon, the Canadian Armed Forces have indicated the recovery effort of a military helicopter and crew in the Ionian Sea has ended. The team of U.S Navy, and CAF personnel spent eight days at »

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Military arrives to help contain COVID-19 in Quebec retirement/care homes

As of Monday there have been over 1,600 coronavirus-related deaths across the country with well over 800 in Quebec the highest rate in the country. A majority, 60 per cent, of the deaths have occurred in the province’s retirement residences »

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Canadian military testing new camouflage combat uniforms

Several hundred soldiers at the Canadian Forces base in Petawawa Ontario will be wearing new combats (what Americans call “fatigues”) this month. It’s part of a new programme to replace the current uniforms. It used to be that the army »

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On guard at the top of the world

It is the most northerly continuously occupied place in the world. At any given moment, roughly 75 personnel of the Canadian Forces and some civilian contractors, live at Canadian Forces Station Alert, on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island in »

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Canada’s military and legalised cannabis

With the coming legalisation of recreational use of cannabis, Canada’s military has been working to develop a policy to deal with the situation. A draught policy has just been released by the Department of National Defence with just over a »

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Canada’s biggest battle since WWII and Korea

It was in Afghanistan in 2006,  (video interview below) A new book by Major-General David Fraser talks of that battle in his book , Operation Medusa Canadians were sent to Afghanistan to help rebuild the country and wrest it away »


Veteran’s Week: hundreds of ceremonies to honour the sacrifices of fallen soldiers

Hundreds of ceremonies and events are taking place across Canada during Veterans’ Week,  from November 5 to 11, to honour the sacrifices of soldiers and recognize their achievements. Read RCI reports ont these events and related articles. More Canadians plan »

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Canadian advisors in Iraq pause, hospital stays on

It’ll be slightly smaller, but the Liberal government announced that the Canadian combat hospital in Iraq will stay on. On the other hand, the approximately 200 Canadian Forces Special Operations personnel who have been advising and assisting both Iraqi and »

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Pilot project gives a chance for women to experience a military career

Being a soldier, sailor, or in the air force, has seldom been thought of as a career for women. But the military is so much more than carrying a gun and facing the enemy, (although now that too is a »

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Canada sends relief supplies for children to Texas

A Canadian Air Force Hercules airplane delivered relief supplies like baby formula, blankets and cribs to Texas to help in the recovery from Hurricane Harvey. About 750,000 people were ordered to leave their homes and another 1.1 million are under »