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Barkerville: the Chinese gold rush

BARKERVILLE: THE CHINESE GOLD RUSH  Barkerville is a small historical town in British Columbia’s central interior. Although little known, it nevertheless marked the glorious era of the Gold Rush in the early days of Canada’s history. Pioneers from China left »

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Canada’s flying bandit and the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

The Flying Bandit In a strange twist, one of Canada’s most notorious criminals, was actually admired by Canadians. In the 1950’s and 60’s he stole planes, robbed banks,  staged prison breaks and committed one of Canada’s greatest robberies. Born in »

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Franklin ship discovery- what’s next?

After 166 years of searching for Sir John Franklin’s ships in the Arctic, one of the world’s most enduring and puzzling maritime mysteries has been solved. Or has it? Ian MacLaren (PhD) is a professor of history and classics at »

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Dieppe: a bloody anniversary

It was on August 19, 1942, that a vast force of over 5,000 soldiers headed for the Nazi occupied French coast during the Second World War. Commemoration ceremonies Dieppe 2012 © Ann MacMillan-CBC The raid on Dieppe was to capture and »

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Canadian history today – a focus on which history?

The decision by Canada’s House of Commons Canadian Heritage to review Canadian history and the way it’s taught immediately raised questions about the goals of the review by a committee dominated by Conservative government MPs. The decision to examine how »