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Canada history: Feb 14, 1945, The tragic torpedo boat disaster.

Though the Allies now had a firm hold on the European continent and were battling back German forces, the Second World War was now at it’s height with desperate combat raging on land, in the air, and on the sea. »

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History: March 30, 1972; the last tot of rum for the Navy (RCN)

Since it’s earliest days, the Royal Navy supplied alcohol to its sailors. Originally it was a gallon of beer per day, beer preserving better than plain water on voyages. However, this took up a lot of room on board. As »

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Remembering the Battle of the Atlantic

Across Canada this coming Sunday veterans, remaining members of the Merchant Marine, military personel, families and dignitaries will gather at cenotaphs to remember a critical aspect of the Second World War. Flower class Corvette HMCS Brantford construction began Feb 1941 »