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Canadian Space Agency invests in moon exploration

Canada’s Space Agency (CSA) announced this morning that they have given out seven contracts worth $4.36 million to five companies and one university that will research and develop technologies towards Canadian research and exploration of the Moon.  “Our Government is »

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2 Canadian astronauts graduate from NASA school, ready for missions to moon

Canadian astronauts Jenni Sidey-Gibbons and Joshua Kutryk celebrated Friday the end of their basic training, along with their NASA classmates, during a graduation ceremony at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Sidey-Gibbons, who is from Calgary, and Kutryk, who is from Fort Saskatchewan, »

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Two Canadians set to graduate from NASA astronaut school

Two Canadians are set to graduate under NASA’s Artemis program, which plans to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024. Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons and Lt.-Col. Joshua Kutryk, are among a class of 13 aspiring astronauts, who »

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Space officials confident of a major satellite launch in May

Canada’s $1-billion space satellite system–an idea hatched in 2004 and green-lit in 2008–appears finally ready to blast off in May. Or maybe not. In February–for the sixth time–the launch was scrubbed because of technical problems with the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster »

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Canadian university working with NASA towards Mars mission

NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars by about 2030. It is in the process of working out all the possible scenarios for such a mission by testing and analysing scenarios here on Earth that resemble as closely as possible »

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Canada joins NASA in Lunar Gateway project

It’s been the subject of song, the source of dreams and–once upon a time–the destination of a concerted–and competitive–race to get a man to land on it. Then, for many reasons, the moon fell out of favour. Now, it appears »

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Space lectures offered for free online

The Canadian Space Agency will present some of its major projects in a series of live lectures in that people can see on its YouTube channel for free. A lecture on October 5, 2018 will explore the RADARSAT Constellation mission »

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Former astronaut Julie Payette is sworn is as Canada’s new Governor General

Julie Payette, a former astronaut who logged more than 25 days on two NASA space flights, was sworn in Monday as Canada’s 29th Governor General, the Queen’s vice-regal representative in the country and the country’s official head of state. Payette, »


Canada introduces two astronaut candidates

The Canadian Space Agency has chosen Joshua Kutryk and Jennifer Sidey to join its astronaut corps. The two were selected from 3,772 applicants and underwent rigorous testing for a year. Sidey, 28, is a mechanical engineer, a combustion scientist and »

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New Canadian study will look at effects of long space missions on astronauts’ brains

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is teaming up with researchers from the University of Calgary for a new experiment that will study how long-duration missions to the International Space Station (ISS) affect astronauts’ brains, the agency announced today. The study »