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The forgotten Olympic gold medallist, who in fact is Canadian

He’s someone whose history is somewhat stuck between two countries, the U.S. and Canada. He was a Canadian, but for many decades was claimed by the U.S. and thought to be American by most Canadians, if they thought of him »

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 Canadian heading to space

A Canadian is now orbiting Earth, along with a Russian and American, heading towards the international space station. David Saint-Jacques, a 48-year-old doctor and astro-physicist, blasted off aboard a Soyuz spacecraft with the two others in a trouble-free lift off »

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Canadian faces 10 years in jail for spray painting ancient Thai wall

A 23-year-old Canadian woman is facing up to 10 years in prison on charges of spray-painting her initials on an ancient wall in northern Thailand, police said Friday. Canadian Brittney Schneider and Briton Furlong Lee, also 23, were arrested on »

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Canadian researcher/professor shares Nobel physics prize

For the first time in some 55 years, a woman has been awarded the Nobel prize in the physics category. Donna Strickland, professor and research scientist at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, shares the $1 million dollar prize with »

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Sunken Czarist treasure ship found

Canadian technology finds the century old wreck A 19th century Imperial Russian warship claimed to be carrying billions of dollars in gold has been found off the coast of Korea. It was 1905 and a tremendous naval battle known as »

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Canadian tourist raped in Caribbean, other cases reported

A Canadian woman is warning fellow travellers that a security guard at a resort in the Dominican Republic raped her and she says the hotel did little about it, reports CBC. The public broadcaster’s Go Public investigative team has found »

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“China Clipper”- Passing of ground-breaking sportsman

Player who broke the N.H.L. colour barrier dies at age 94 In the past, professional sports were almost an exclusive club where visible minorities were excluded. Famous black baseball player Jackie Robinson broke that sport’s colour barrier in Montreal Canada. »


Canadian climber and friend reported to have died

Marc-André Leclerc of Squamish, British Columbia and his American friend George “Ryan” Johnson died while hiking a new on a mountain in Alaska, according to a Facebook post by Leclerc’s father. The two were attempting a new route on the »

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Pushing Canada towards national universal pharma-care

Canada has a long-established national universal health care plan which has benefitted generations of citizens. However, while it covers almost all aspects of health care, it does not cover the cost of prescription drugs. The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) recently »

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Kilts-winter-ice skating: Scottish-Canadians celebrate winter and heritage

The Great Canadian Kilt Skate 2018 There’s no doubt that Scots are a bonnie brae lot.  Add the Canadian experience and you increase that hardiness dramatically. That’s shown by the thousands who turn out across Canada for the annual “Great »