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Liberal government to table legislation on pot possession pardons

The federal government plans to table legislation by the end of this year to issue pardons to Canadians who were convicted in the past of simple possession of cannabis, officials announced Wednesday. The Liberal government also plans to waive the fee» 

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Canadians line up coast to coast to buy legal pot

Thousands of Canadians lined up in queues across the country Wednesday to buy their first legal cannabis as at the stroke of midnight Canada became the first G7 country to legalize recreational use of marijuana and other derived products. In» 

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Medical journal slams pot legalization as ‘national, uncontrolled experiment’

The Canadian Medical Association Journal blasted Monday the plan by the Liberal government to legalize cannabis in Canada as “national, uncontrolled experiment” that pits the profits of cannabis producers and government tax revenues against the health of Canadians. As of» 

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Walmart Canada exploring possibility of selling cannabis products in stores

As Canada prepares to legalize recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, Walmart Inc’s Canadian unit said on Tuesday it is exploring the possibility of selling cannabis-based products. While the retail giant said it has no immediate plans to get into the business» 

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Canadians pessimistic about their ability to keep pot away from minors: poll

With less than a month to go until recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada, the majority of Canadians are pessimistic that the legislation will achieve one of its main stated goals: keeping pot away from minors, according to a new» 

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Tilray turmoil in the markets over cannabis stocks

Tilray Inc., the Nanaimo, British Columbia-based cannabis company, is on the verge of becoming a household name, certainly in Canada, where the coming legalization of cannabis is a major societal and business shift. Wednesday October 17, 2018 Cannabis was added» 

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Russia cites UN body to blast Canada’s cannabis legalization

Opponents of the Trudeau government’s plan to legalize marijuana in Canada are getting some unexpected if, perhaps, unwelcome support from the Russian government. In an official statement published by the Russian ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday, a senior Russian»