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Canadian farmers ‘infuriated’ by increases in Trudeau’s carbon tax 2.0

Farmers across Canada were already angry and upset over Prime Minister Trudeau’s existing carbon tax but are now even more upset at the increases announced this month. Groups such as the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO), Grain Growers of Canada »

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Liberal climate plan set to hike federal carbon tax to $170 a tonne by 2030

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today released his government’s signature climate policy that would see Ottawa hike the federal carbon tax to $170 a tonne by 2030 and invest more than $15 billion towards meeting and exceeding Canada’s emissions reductions targets »

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Power producer to close coal mine as part of switch to natural gas

TransAlta Corp. will stop extracting coal from its Highvale coal mine in western Canada by Dec. 31, 2021 as part of its plan to change all of its coal-fired plants to natural gas. Burning coal emits the greenhouse gas, carbon »


Crucial challenge to federal carbon tax ends Day-1

After a several month delay due to the pandemic, the provincial challenge to the federal government’s carbon tax finally began yesterday at the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) The hearings continue today. As a pillar of the government’s “green” policy, »

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Provincial challenges of federal carbon tax at Supreme Court today

After a long delay due to the pandemic, provincial challenges to the federal government’s imposed carbon tax will begin today in Canada’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). As part of an environmental effort to slow global warming »

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Canadian farmers continued concern about carbon tax

Even before the federal government announced its carbon tax as a measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, farmers were concerned about how it would negatively affect them. In this first year, farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and »


Saskatchewan to seek more autonomy within Canada, says provincial premier

The resource-rich Prairie province of Saskatchewan will strive for more autonomy within the Confederation but has no intention of seceding from Canada, Premier Scott Moe said Tuesday after meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We’re going to look at opportunities »

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Another court rules in favour of federal carbon tax

The highest court in the province of Ontario has ruled that the federal government does have the power to impose a carbon tax as part of its effort to combat climate change. Imposition of the tax was opposed by Ontario’s »

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Ottawa imposes carbon tax in 4 provinces

Residents of New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be paying more for gasoline and heating fuel as of Monday as the federal government begins taxing carbon emissions in provinces that refused to impose their own emission pricing or whose »

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Manitoba cancels its carbon tax program

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says his government is pulling the plug on its own carbon tax plan, defying the federal government’s carbon pricing strategy and joining a growing list of provinces opposed to Ottawa’s demands. Pallister says Ottawa has not respected »