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Liberal plan to reduce emissions will hurt lower, middle-income groups: Critics

Canada’s Liberal government under Justin Trudeau wants to move towards not only meeting but exceeding its Paris climate accord targets. This month he’s announced an increase in the carbon tax and a new Clean Fuel Standard. Environmental groups have lauded »

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‘Carbon leakage’: industrial avoidance of carbon tax

Canada has instituted a carbon tax in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, a new study show there may well be unintended and less desirable consequences. Carlos Murillo prepared a study of these concerns. He is the senior »

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One of Canada’s major cities will ban heating oil

Montreal is Canada’s second largest city with a population of over 3.5 million residents. The mayor, Valerie Plante announced this week that heating oil would no longer be permitted anywhere by 2030. The ban is part of the plan to »

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Carbon emissions up, ‘time is running out,’ warn scientists

After being stable for three consecutive years, carbon dioxide emissions are up in 2017, reports an international team of scientists. The findings from the Global Carbon Project will be presented to the UN climate change conference going on now in »

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Ontario’s “green plans” – more costs, few controls, little result

Ontario is Canada’s most populous and most industrialized province. The Auditor General of Ontario has just released her latest report on the provincial governments policies and activities and in it she critiques the province’s plans to control greenhouse gasses. Bonnie »

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The “dry” tropical forests are dying.

A scientist based at the University of Alberta will be travelling to the major international climate summit in Morocco for COP-22. Arturo Sanchez research is focussed on the little studied area of the world’s “dry” tropical forests and their role »

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Government to encourage energy-efficient buildings

In on-going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is about to take steps to ensure new and existing buildings are more energy efficient, reports CBC. Buildings account for 17 per cent of carbon emissions in Canada. The »

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National government to pressure provinces on GHG

Canada’s environment minister is poised to impose a price on carbon on any provincial government that fails to do so or fails to set up its own cap-and-trade system. But she will not adopt a more aggressive target for reducing »

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Conserve land to offset carbon emissions, advises forester

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is advising the province of New Brunswick to offset its carbon footprint by conserving wild land.  Areas like forests or wetlands store carbon and, if they are preserved, will not release that greenhouse gas which »

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‘Sub-national’ governments meet to discuss climate action- Mexico

The second “Climate Summit of the Americas” is taking place this week in Guadalajara, Mexico. The summit involves input from representatives from countries from North, Central, and South America, and this time with some observer nations from Southeast Asia. Tim »